The New Year


Over a month since my last post. Deplorable behavior, but I must plead extenuating circumstances.

UPS’s busy season is condensed into a four to five week period of stress, sleeplessness, and muscle soreness. I’m convinced that holiday cheer is only possible because the negativity migrates to the shipping companies, leaving less bad moods and greater happiness for the general population. We elves suffer for your enjoyment. And they say Christmas is the season of giving… Bah Humbug!

Anyway. It’s a new year, and while I hate making New Year’s resolutions to appease the social convention, I have no problem resolving to do better. So, a short list of things I plan to do or do better in 2016:

  1. Write more. I have story ideas to drown a boat (How does one drown a boat with ideas?), but they aren’t going to go anywhere unless I actually write them. So I resolve to write for at least two hours a day, five days a week. Juggling a job, a family, and other obligations will surely make this a challenge. Who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak and infirm (*dying inside*)
  2. Get published. I want to finish and polish one piece of writing enough to convince someone that it’s worth some money. Short story, manuscript, compendium, encyclopedia, I don’t care. But hopefully something that will lead to more work in the future.
  3. Explore more of the wider world of martial arts. I have a moderate knowledge of Tai Chi, enough to be a fledgling teacher myself, and a passing knowledge of aikido, but I want to continue the pursuit of discipline through martial study with a fervor.

That’s the major stuff. Anything else would be your garden variety ‘eat better’ and ‘exercise more’ that I always intend to do but haven’t gotten around to. I’ll of course continue to work on those things, but I think a resolution is more of a course correction. A promise to oneself to focus on a new direction.

2016, let’s be friends, okay? I don’t like it when we fight… I always lose.

C. Michael Chase


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